Arcadia Reptile Tropical UVB light


The Arcadia Reptile D3+T5 Lamp features high 6% UV-B content to support forest reptile species synthesis of vitamin D3. This is a full spectrum fluorescent lamp designed to simulate, as closely as possible, the spectrum of natural sunlight, and includes UV-A and high levels of UV-B.

Key Benefits:


  • Resembles natural sunlight at 5800K Long life
  • 12 month lifespan before a change is required
  • Produces excellent natural colours Flicker free (T5) Suitable for reptiles requiring medium levels of UV-B including Chameleons, Day Geckos, Iguanas, Water Dragons, Dwarf Crocodile, Map Turtle, Rainbow whiptail, Blue Tongued Skink and many more.
  • Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ T8 lamps have been specifically designed with animal health in mind.
  • We are proud to have the world's highest output T8 lamps in 6% and 12% UVB.
  • Safe levels of UV-B for a year All of our UVB percentages are measured as part of the total output of light from the lampand after the all important first 100 hours of output.
  • You can be rest assured that by using Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ lamps that you are providing the very best in T8 technology.
  • The Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ UVB lamps are effective to for one whole year and will keep your animal in tip top condition.
  • Replicates typical daylight Arcadia Reptile T8 D3 and D3+ lamps have a high UV-A output (30%), providing all the elements which are so vital to the welfare of the reptiles.
  • As full spectrum lamps, they help simulate sunlight.
  • This provides high colour rendering for enhanced viewing of your reptiles and their environment.
  • The colour temperature of 6,500K replicates typical daylight conditions.

    Includes: D3 T5 Lamp 6%