About Us

Hey! Welcome fellow enthusiasts! My name is Brittany I started this company on just a dream and a passion for knowledge in animals.  I grew up in a small town where reptiles and amphibians  were always a thing we caught and released. But as I grew up I realized there were many exotic reptiles, amphibians, tortoises, turtles ,insects , etc that people kept at home. Which was something I found very fascinating and such a beautiful thing when executed properly which there are very many ways to do but I wanted to learn how to do it successfully enough that when I shared with other people it would put them on the right track with a affordable way of keeping but also a more relaxing way to keep reptiles so you get the best of both world you both get a sanctuary and relaxation from a long day working the 9 to 5. To be able to look into your tank and just stare for hours. But I ran into a lot of road blocks along the way. One of the hardest being where to ask questions. That being said when I did ask questions there was a lot of different information and conflicting views of who's husbandry was right and who's was wrong and learning to find the silver lining. So I started on a journey of information for the species that I owned personally and others that peaked my interest.  It didn't happen overnight but I began building connections on many different platforms of social media finding those enthusiasts willing to share there knowledge and there mistakes to help others. As well as count less hours surfing the web and old vet & reptile books. It started with rescuing reptiles locally  that no one else would deal with  and paying for it out of pocket for about 8 years. To be able to continue this journey forward as a business' is a huge step for us in growth of community and knowledge a like.