Arcadia Reptile Dragon Lamp


The Arcadia Reptile D3+ Dragon T5 14% Lamp features high 14% UV-B content to support desert species synthesis of vitamin D3. The Arcadia Reptile 14% UV-B Dragon Lamp is our most powerful HO-T5 reptile lamp, and provides not only high quantities of UV-B radiation, but also provides this energy without any limitation to the colour and quantity of visible light.

Key Benefits:


  • Suitable for reptiles requiring high levels of UV-B kept in large enclosures including Bearded Dragons, Blue-tongued Skink, Frilled Lizard, Agamids, Uromastyx, Tortoises, Freshwater Turtles, Bosc Monitor
  • Increased Light: The Arcadia Reptile DragonLamp is a crisp, bold, full-spectrum and VERY bright High-Output T5 UV-B projection lamp for captive reptiles. The lamp represents an almost doubling of light (LUX) and has a CRI of over 95 which will allow you as the keeper to see your animal in all of its natural glory. DragonLamp really does represent the very best of lighting technology.
  • Perfect for Bearded Dragons: Upper index basking for an arid species such as a Bearded Dragon (UV-I 6.00) is set at a massive 15-inch or 35-40 cm from the reflected lamp to the animals back at the basking or shortest point. This will allow you to create wild-like indexes of energy with an energy rich, wide basking zone whilst providing ample access to light and shade for natural self-regulation.
  • High UV-B Levels
  • The increased level of UV-B energy which is balanced with 30% UV-A ensures that this lamp is simply perfect to be used in vivaria of 24-inches/60cm high or more. It will also help greatly for those that use terraria with a mesh top as the extra energy will allow light to penetrate deeper into the enclosure, providing wild-like indexes of UV-B at a safer distance.

    Includes: D3+ Dragon T5 Lamp 14%