Zebra Isopods


12 Count

Zebra Isopods are an OG of the isopod world.

One of the first types of isopod to be kept as a pet and enjoyed for their care and aesthetics, rather than just being a cleanup tool in a terrarium/vivarium.

Zebra Isopods offer an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with a herd of stripey wonders. Whether you’re looking for a cool new isopod pet, or a workhorse of a terrarium/vivarium custodian – Armadillidium maculatum ‘Zebra’ can do it all. 

Zebra Isopods continue to be one of the most popular species on the market, so they must be doing something right.

Here are some of their standout features.

  • Easy to care for – Overall, Zebra Isopods are pretty resilient and have very straightforward care requirements. They make a great first isopod for beginners. They are a larger isopod aprox pointer finger nail size at their mature size, high activity, and need for ventilation mean they’re not a great fit for the smallest of containers (both literally and figuratively). However, if you’re using these as a cleanup crew in a full-sized vivarium/terrarium, you should have no issues on that front. They’ll definitely appreciate the extra space. Though they’re not amazing climbers, feel free to cover any vents with a fine mesh to prevent any jailbreaks.  For substrate, a classic Tropical New Caledonia Gecko terrarium mix is always a great choice offered in are shop! Something with plenty of coco coir and sphagnum moss for moisture retention and a nice loose texture for burrowing, covered with leaf litter for nutrition and hiding spot opportunities.

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  • Aesthetic – What can I say? These stripey wonders are simply gorgeous and there are reportedly Chocolate Zebra Isopods on the way!
  • Active – Part of being able to enjoy a stunning isopod pet is being able to actually see them… Thankfully, Zebra Isopods are very active and not too shy once they’ve settled in.
  • Affordable and easily available – One of the perks of being popular, Zebra Isopods are easy to come by and remain one of the cheapest varieties on offer.
  • Easy to handle – As one of the slower and larger isopod varieties, they’re not too difficult to manage if you’d like to handle one or two at a time.