Powder Orange Isopods


12 Count 

Much like their namesake color, Powder Orange Isopods are a classic choice for all. With their soft metallic orange hues and turbo-speed movements, these little isopod engines work tirelessly to clean and recycle (and look good doing it).

What more could you ask for?

Learn how to care for this versatile species and how to use them effectively in a bioactive terrarium/vivarium.

  • Powder Orange isopods are a small to medium-sized species. They’ll typically grow up to just over 1cm (around 0.5′) in size, but these little pocket rockets are plenty active. Pop them in and watch them go!

  • These critters have a dusty texture to their carapace – ranging from pale silver to a darker orange chrome color.
  • Powder Orange Isopods are incredibly active feeders and breeders, which makes them a great bioactive choice and an excellent beginner species.
  • Adaptable– Powder Orange Isopods can easily handle most terrarium/vivarium conditions with no issues at all. So you can confidently choose this species for your next project.
  • Prolific– Let’s just say these little critters put their energy to good use… They are rapid breeders, and they tend to have large broods, so you’ll have a thriving population in record time. 
  • Bioactive – These isopods have a voracious appetite, so they make excellent tank custodians. Munching on any decomposing organic material and keeping your enclosure clean and healthy.
  • In terms of cons, there’s really only one that’s important to note. Delicate– Despite their hardy appearance, they’re actually a soft-bodied species. So they’re not the best isopod species for handling. If you’re looking for an isopod pet you can interact with a bit more, you might want to consider something like the Zebra Isopod instead.

  • They’ll need plenty of ventilation, so unless you’re running with a dedicated isopod enclosure